Rolling Stones – 50th Anniversary Music and Testimonials – sound design, editing and mixing by Steve Belgrave.

The Third Company’ were making a testimonial video for the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tour. My job was to do a first class edit mix of archive Stones material, knowing all ears would be on this one and blend it with testimonials from Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop, Martin Scorsese, Elton John and Pete Townshend, Cate Blanchett amongst others. It was a big job and was aired at the London Hyde Park shows (where Mick turned 70) and New York shows before the band came on stage.

Quote from Pete Maher UK’s No1 ‘independent’ mastering engineer. “I brought Steve Belgrave in to handle, sound design, mixing and editing duties to the total satisfaction’ of the Rolling Stones!”.

Quotes from the project:

‘Lude and rude’ – Cate Blanchett

‘They’re great songs to do bad things to’ – Johnny Depp

‘When I first saw their pictures I’d never seen people with teeth like that’ – Iggy Pop

‘There’s a danger to it’ – Martin Scorsese

‘Keith Richards once threatened to stab me’ – Pete Townshend

A Short Film Of Testimonials featuring interviews with Martin Scorsese, Johnny Depp, Elton John, Pete Townsend and Iggy Pop and many others.


Rolling Stones 50th year anniversary movie
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