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Rates – Order Online Mixing and Mastering

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All Inclusive Premium Service

£29900Per Mix
  • 3 Mix Revisions
  • An Uncompressed Stereo Mix
  • An Uncompressed Acapella Mix
  • Up To 10 Stereo Stem Files For Remixing
  • Listening Copies With Basic Limiting

Rates for Online Mixing – How We Work

Your track is mixed entirely in the box in our high end studio utilising  a selection of high end applications and plugins.  Our hybrid studios are fully equipped and have great acoustics and professional monitoring. Additionally, we run each of your individual track stems through our unique processing prior to mixing to ensure they have that extra weight and punch. If your tracks are longer than 6 minutes, get in touch for a bespoke quote as these are not covered under our standard rates.

Do you want to attend your mix session? For a cost of £39.00 we offer a live mix review service. The session is scheduled over 1 hour. Its a great way to work with direct feedback from the engineer. All you need is internet access and an up to date version of your web browser e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.