Nekton Mission II Featuring Morgan Freeman

Maldives Mission

Creating and producing the sound design for Nekton’s ‘Mission II’ promotional video, working with Morgan Freeman on the voice over. Mix and mastering of all the projects audio for the entire project.

Nekton – Mission II
The Indian Ocean Mission is a major global scientific collaboration that aims to create a step-change in our knowledge of the Indian Ocean and catalyse its sustainable governance.

Mission II consists of six research cruises in six distinct bioregions of the Indian Ocean from West (Mozambique Channel and Seychelles), to Central (Mauritius and Maldives) and East (Andaman and Sumatra). The Mission combines four major activities – scientific research, capacity development, advancement of policy, and public engagement – to deliver the greatest coordinated impact. The Mission will conclude with a State of the Indian Ocean Summit in November 2021.

The Mission has been endorsed by International Indian Ocean Expedition 2 (IIOE-2), part of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (UNESCO-IOC).

Nekton – Maldives
The Nekton Maldives Mission is the first systematic discovery and documentation of ocean life in Maldives from the surface to 1000 metres.

In partnership with the Government of Maldives, the Mission will help create extensive new marine protected areas and ensure the ocean continues to protect and provide for the Maldivian people. Starts: September 4, 2022.

Sound Design, Composition, Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering

Sound Design, Composition, Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering