Online Mix Support


Online Mix Support From £45.00 includes

  • Pre Mastering Mix WAV File
  • Pre Mastering Mix MP3 256Kbs
  • All Individual Song Track Stems With Our Processing Applied
  • Revisions

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With online mix support from EMIXPRO, you now have access to a pro studio with high end gear and monitoring to help craft your mixes with direct support from an experienced engineer and producer, Steve Belgrave (Rolling Stones, Beady Eye and many others)

Going way deeper than simple stem mixing, with ‘online mix support‘ we take your individual tracks, with all your effects, and tweak them to ensure a perfect premaster mix. Using our unique processing, mix tools and capabilities we ensure your mixes reach their potential and can compete with commercial tracks from major labels. Our mix support service is endorsed by Pete Maher, the UK’s number one mastering engineer.

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