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Who’s it for?

A new online mixing support service built for today’s generation of independent artists, producers, remixers and labels, covering all genres.

You now have access to a pro studio with high end gear and monitoring to ‘set up’ and later ‘check’ your mixes with direct support from experienced engineer and producer Steve Belgrave (Rolling Stones, Beady Eye ad many others)

I’ve created two key online mixing services that make up your AUDiO MiXSUPPORT package. The first one being ‘MiX SETUP’ which happens prior to the beginning of your mix, helping to ensure the best possible platform to begin your creative mix process. The next step is the all important and more comprehensive ‘MiX CHECK’ for which this service was originally designed. We perform this step at the end of your creative mix process, prior to mastering. Working this way allows complete flexibility over mix versions e.g. Instrumentals, edits for labels, radio, sync agents etc. This process helps to ensure you get the mix you’re after. You’re in control.

Regular price for a single song up to 60 tracks £69

Regular price for single song  between 61 to 100 tracks £98

Mastering by Pete Maher £28 per song

EP and Album intro offer!

Up to 20% off!

For launch I’m offering a 15% promotional discount which is automatically applied to a single order of 4 songs or more, or a 20% promotional discount which is automatically applied to a single order of 10 songs or more, in any combination.

This is unbeatable value for independents everywhere. Endorsed by Pete Maher, the UK’s number one mastering engineer.

Song package includes

  • Our Unique Track Processing
  • Our two step MiX SETUP and MiX CHECK process

Listen to Audio Samples

The first sample in each set is a raw mix, no EQ or Compression or other FX. The second sample has been passed through our ‘Step 1: MiX SETUP‘ process using our special Analog/Digital Track Processing, Control EQ and Control Compression. No creative FX is used. Its completely dry in order to maintain the purpose of the Step1 process, which is to give you a great platform from which to create your ideal mix, ready for the included and all important ‘Step 2: MiX CHECK’ process. Samples are gain matched only (no Compression or Dynamic Levelling) to help ensure a balanced review. You’re in control.