Our whole mission and ethos is based around supporting independent artists and that includes our pricing policies. See below.

  • Mixing £170 up to 20 tracks and £285 up to 60 tracks
  • Mastering £30 per track

Yes, we can help with the following. Contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Drum editing
  • Drum replacement
  • Drum alignment
  • Guitar/Bass replacement/overdubs

If we don’t nail it the first time,  which we usually do, we will do as many revisions ‘within reason’ as is necessary until you’re happy.

We can provide remote recording services for voice-over and soloists. We also work with solo musicians, vocalists etc.

We use industry standard connection tools such as Source Connect and other that allow for simple and easy recording, no matter where you are or what you’re using.

Yes we do. Vocal pitch and alignment, on lead and backing vocals using top industry tools such as ReVoice Pro and Melodyne. We can also perform this on certain instruments where required, including polyphonic instruments (material dependent).

We use Pro Tools HD, Nuendo/Cubase and Logic Pro X (latest versions) to mix. Precision editing is performed in Wavelab Pro, iZotope RX, Revoice Pro and several other tools.

You can send us files from any DAW and all you need do is bounce out your individual tracks as WAV files. We’ll need you to Save your project under a different title ‘Your Song emixpro v001’. Bring the faders to unity gain (0db) and remove any effects such as reverbs or delays. If you’ve used an effect that’s an integral part of the sound (e.g. reverb on a synth) just bounce two copies, one with the effect and one without.

Export using the session settings e.g. 48Khz 24bit and make sure each audio file is bounced from the beginning of the session to the end of the session.

You can upload your files to us through your account. See video below, or you  can use any one of the large file transfer service such as “wetransfer.com” or any service that you are comfortable with. Before uploading, it is a good idea to compress or “zip” up your files for faster transfers.

If you have any questions prior to using our services, you can chat to us here on live chat (bottom right on this page) or email us via live chat if we’re not available. Chat support is available from 10.00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday to Friday and 12.00 PM to 5:00 PM Saturday and Sunday.

If you’re already using our services then you can submit a ticket through your account. Using the ticket system helps to make sure things don’t get missed. Once a ticket has been raised you can then reply to any responses by email. The video below shows where to access the place to raise a support ticket.

EMIXPRO’s terms and conditions

  • All services are provided by EMIXPRO Ltd (UK)
  • If you’re not happy with our pre completion samples (mixes only), we’ll refund your money.
  • You’re entirely responsible for the material you send to us and agree that you will hold us free from any liability in regard to copyright infringement or any form of the same. You also agree to make a copy of your material for archive purposes prior to sending it to us.
  • Ownership of all material, audio or otherwise, uploaded by you remains yours in its entirety.
  • All fees are paid in advance via our online services.
  • This super simple agreement is subject to UK laws.
  • We protect our users data by never sharing info with third parties unless otherwise agreed with you. Please review our Privacy Policy.
  • EMIXPRO Ltd (UK) reserves the right at update its prices at anytime including the withdrawal of promotions during and prior to their completion.

That’s it!