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Sound design

Music for film / TV

Recording / production

Audio mixing / mastering

Sonic identity

Commercial branding

Product branding

Audio post production

Dolby Atmos mixing

Surround / binaural


Rolling Stones 50th year anniversary movie
AVI Medical mobile app sound design
Nekton Foundation deep ocean mission film promo sound design and mix and mastering
Kung Fu Panda Honor mobile film promo for cinema sound design mixing and mastering
Costa Coffee machine sound design and augmented hardware design
Honda film promo sound design mixing and mastering


Founded by Steve Belgrave, emixpro is a full service audio production company established in 2008 servicing the creative audio industry. We service brands, advertising agencies, product development teams, music only production houses and audio post production houses.

We’ve worked with brands and agencies delivering projects covering everything from sound design, music production, product design/development, electric mobility (fusing the key elements of brand identity, driver experience, and safety), voice overs, pure editing and raw consultancy. Some of these projects were delivered for Disney, ABC, Costa Coffee, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, Nekton, AVI Medical and Treatment Studio, and featured artists such as the Rolling Stones, U2 and Morgan Freeman.

We’re a small team with a big reach in terms of capabilities, experience and network. We’re extremely passionate with a forensic attention to detail. We all stem from leadership roles at top-tier agencies, so we understand how to work with you and meld seamlessly with your teams. Our setup allows us to work remotely when needed with zero impact on production.

Feel free at anytime to reach out to us to discuss your project.

Covid-19 Update

We’re operating as normal for all services and are able to continue to provide high quality remote production and recording facilities for your projects.