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High End Online Mixing, Mastering and Audio Mix Support

Major Label Clients

Both Steve Belgrave and Pete Maher are engineers working with some of the worlds leading artists, producers and labels.

Full Mix Support

We offer the full range of audio services and online audio mixing and mastering services. Our work well known for its high end quality, working with some of the worlds top artists. Check out some of our projects below.

Both Steve Belgrave and Pete Maher are engineers working with some of the worlds leading artists, producers and labels. Their work, which includes online mixing and mastering, covers projects for U2, The Killers, Liam Gallagher, The Rolling Stones, Jack White, Lana Del Rey, Depeche Mode, Katy Perry and many more.

With a skill set covering both technical and creative, we’ve also successfully partnered on award winning corporate projects with Intel, Pininfarina, V-Nova, Costa Express, Tesco’s and many others covering music composition, sound design, audio hardware design and integration.

MiX SUPPORT for Independents


A new online mixing / mix support service built for today’s generation of independent artists, producers, mixers and labels, covering all genres.

You now have access to a pro studio with high end gear and monitoring to ‘set up’ and later ‘check’ your mixes with direct support from experienced engineer and producer Steve Belgrave (Rolling Stones, Beady Eye, U2).

A new and first of its kind service!

  • Simple and Affordable
  • Our unique track processing
  • End To End Mix Support
  • Retain Creative Mix Control
  • We cover all genres
  • Get mix tips and gear reviews

Some of our notable clients


The first song that Steve Belgrave worked on for us was a a completely different genre, full of lush strings and AOR production. The second song was completely different in genre and I wondered if it would turn out with the same fantastic results as the first song. I’m delighted to say it did…and some!!!! Steve Belgrave has never failed to deliver breath taking results, that impress both myself and everyone who has heard the before and after results of his work. Aside from his Phenomenal production, Steve is also very accommodating, helpful and a genuine musical knight in shining armour in this wild west cut throat industry.
Ocean Adams - Recording Artist
Steve Belgrave delivers excellent and dependable mixing and mastering services I require for Music, Film and TV projects. Which makes at least one part of my working process completely smooth and easy, with great communication (thanks to Steve Belgrave ). I just completed 4 projects with Steve today, including 5.1 surround sound mixes, dialogue mixing and many other requirements. All mixed and mastered excellently, all delivered on time. I’ll take every project to Steve.
Jake Sanderson - TV/Film Composer (China)
I learnt more from Steve Belgrave in three days than I did from my entire time at engineering college!
Tom - Recording Artist / Producer
I’m completely speechless ! I’ve listened a good few times and I’m the happiest man I know just now. If you were here, I would probably hug you !! You’ve captured the very essence of these tracks and they sound spectacular and beautiful.
Jeff Bernstein - Musician / Composer
What an elegant and simple solution. Does exactly what they say and the results were amazing, especially their analog track processing, just WOW! Its difficult to see me mixing any other way from now on. Extremely grateful that they keep the price affordable, its insane. Calling themselves the missing link just about sums it up.
John Carringdon - EDM Producer
Where to start, Steve Belgrave has been amazing to work with at this embryonic stage of our careers and helped craft a handful of recordings that on no budget sound like they’ve come out of a major Studio. From what he has produced we have released a single that has got national radio play on Radio 1 and XFM (including an evening Playlisting) and a major broadcast sync on Sky’s Soccer FM. Put simply Steve is a guy that works with Old School virtues, trying to capture great tone and performances.
Steve Belgrave is one of those rare and intriguing characters you come across in the music industry who is in it for all the right reasons. After speaking to him for less than 5 minutes you quickly realise that he lives, breathes, speaks and truly understands music. A precious commodity for any unsigned and struggling band, he is someone who hears what musicians are trying to say and is willing to take the risk. He took the leap of faith with us and for that we are grateful. He made every one of us feel comfortable and willing to push ourselves. He moulded our sounds and humble tunes with care and enthusiasm. He danced when we danced, he sang when we sang and he did what very few were willing to do – he gave a damn about our music, almost as much as we do. Cheers Steve for all your hard work, from start to finish. Looking forward to working with you again.
Colour Coded


We provide competitive rates. All of our work is bespoke and exclusive. Although we primarily work with major labels, we also work with known artists, now working independently. If you fit into either of those categories and are looking for pro mixing, pro online mixing or mix support, please get in contact to chat about what we can do for you and your project.

Full Mix Support

Our specialty is online mixing and mix support, assisting in major projects where the producer or artist choose to remain fully focused on the creative. The way we engage with mix projects rekindles a traditional way of working that supports the best possible outcome, providing the flexibility artists, producers, remixers and labels require today.

We phonically balance your mix using high end gear and our own special processing. What you get back is balanced mix to either continue your creative process or delivered ready for mastering.