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Audio Mixing

EMIXPRO is known for being independent artist friendly, providing great customer service and an affordable, hassle free experience. Using both high end digital and analog gear, we create major label quality mixes.

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Audio Mastering

Our masters have been chosen time and again because we treat every project like its our own. Because our passion is driven by the love of music and the pursuit of sonic masterpieces.

Mastering £30 per song


Steve Belgrave

Steve Belgrave (owner) is an award winning mixing engineer, sound designer and creative audio director. Steve has worked with artists, including The Rolling Stones, U2 and Noel Gallagher (Beady Eye) as a mix engineer, editor, sound designer and as freelance creative audio director for the BBC, Dreamworks, ABC, Discovery Channel and Channel 4.

Stuart Dixon

Stuart Dixon has worked as a professional within the music industry for over twenty years as a freelance audio/mix engineer and producer. Stuart is also a seasoned session guitarist. Stuart has worked with many artists including Micky Moody, Geno Washington, Eddie Floyd and Dani Wilde.

Audio Mixing Resource for Independents

Through the years, many artists and audio production professionals have used our services in varying degrees. Nothing has given me greater satisfaction than working with Independent artists, producers and labels. It’s truly where the best of the industry can be found. Steve Belgrave

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